The view from the front seat of my friend’s Honda was wonderful! That is, of course, before an inebriated driver slammed into the back of our car at 55+ M.P.H. I tried to recover from my injuries, while battling with the insurance companies over what THEY thought was best for ME (a.k.a. “their pocketbooks”) That’s when a longtime, personal friend of mine suggested that I call Joe Sinnitt.

The Office isn’t large, and over-the-top with marble countertops, or cascading waterfalls. It is cozy and comfortable, emphasizing one-on-one interactions. Joe and his staff give you the personal attention that reminds you that the number one priority is for “ME” to feel better. Allowing me to concentrate on healing from my injuries, not fighting for my rights with number crunching insurance adjusters. This “umbrella” of protection is why I highly recommend Joe Sinnitt to those who seek justice and guidance through the personal injury quagmire!

Bill W.


We all know today’s roads are dangerous, loaded with inexperienced, intoxicated ,and in-attentive drivers. Unfortunately, the hazards we face on the roadways are a necessary evil we must face in order to function in today’s society. It’s easy to get lulled into a false sense of safety and seclusion as we sit in our well appointed, cozy cars.

When a 60,000 pound tractor-trailer strikes your small sports coupe and drives it off the road you wake up fast to the reality of risk we take by “sharing the road.”

The truck driver was unapologetic and threw a tantrum, cussing and cursing me after he ran me off the road. His emotions and barking obviously signaled his perception of innocence, regardless of the reality. I am sitting there with a damaged car, a significant neck and back injury, and an irate, belligerent, unremorseful man spewing expletives outside my car door.

Fortunately, my boyfriend knew to have me contact Joe Sinnitt, a personal injury attorney who had helped him and friends in the past when the giant insurance corporations didn’t want to play fair.

After years of treatment, trying to heal, I couldn’t imagine if I had to waste my precious energy to deal with heavy handed insurance companies whose job it is to save money by not paying insurance claims. As you would expect, we had to take my case to arbitration, where the other side adamently defended their bogus claims of innocence. I couldn’t believe how determined they were to avoid responsibility. I count my lucky stars as I was strongly represented by Joe Sinnitt. He took the case, and shielded me from start to finish. I won a fair settlement, and avoided dealing with the drama, because, and only because, Joe Sinnitt represented me. I eagerly, and highly recommend him to everyone I care for. Hopefully, they, or I, will never need his services again, but I sure sleep better at night knowing he’s a phone call away!

Andrea E.